Why is it necessary?

Do you want to fly in the port of Rotterdam? Making shots in the heart of Amsterdam? Flying a heavy unmanned aircraft in a residential area? This is unfortunately not possible in the open category.

Welcome to the specific category. It is important to know that requirements are set for the company, the unmanned aircraft and the drone pilot.

To meet all requirements for the company and the aircraft, we work together with Airhub. They will help you quickly with the application to the aviation authority in the Netherlands.

Drone Class trains you as drone pilot. We offer you a basic online theory course with exam. An additional practical training (including exam) can also be followed in partly English, partly Dutch. After passing an exam you receive a certificate of completion. Add this to your application and get permision to fly!

Order your training and receive:

  • Unlimited access to Online Learning
  • €15,- discount on liability assurance
  • Affordable flight lessons
  • Excellent customer service
  • Unlimited free exams (theory)
Order this training

Step 1

Start your application
Contact our partner Airhub for free advice. They help you with an overview in terms of operations, permit, costs and time. Go to step 2.

Step 2

Follow training
Get your EU Drone license online at Drone Class. Follow the basic training for the specific category in English. Earn your certificate(s) of completion.

Step 3

Obtain permission
Airhub takes care of all the necessary analyzes and documents. The application is going to be completed and will be submitted to the authority.

Step 4

Start operating
The authority in the Netherlands processes your application. After approval you can start operating. Don't forget to install the Airhub app: Plan, fly, log.

Why we recommend Airhub

Airhub is an experienced and reliable partner in analyzing your needs, with a open, friendly and no-nonsense attitude.

Why Airhub chooses us

Drone Class offers quality training and excellent support for very reasonable pricing, which customers appreciate.

Veelgestelde vragen

  • What are the costs for an organization in the specific category?

    This strongly depends on the number and complexity of the operation(s). The costs start from approximately five thousand euros, including VAT.

  • What are the costs for a drone pilot in the specific category?

    You can order the basic theory course in English for five hundred euros, including VAT. Order theory and practical training together for only fifteen hundred euros, including VAT. With an optional RT course, costs are below twenty-five hundred euros, including VAT.

  • What exactly am I trained for as a pilot?

    You will be trained in the specific category for the European STS-01, its derivative PDRA-S01, operations resulting from a SORA in which you are flying VLOS with a multirotor.

  • Why are you less expensive than other flight schools?

    Good and efficient training. That's Drone Class. Also in the specific category. Need-to-know theory and practical skills, that's what we offer. Furthermore, you only pay for what you really need.

  • Is Drone Class a certified flight school?

    We are certified by the Dutch aviation authority as a flight school (NL-RTF-505/2) and designated entity UAS (2020-66581).