Why is it necessary?

Fly safely and legally with drones in the EU. Get your EU Drone License. It is mandatory from 250 grams.

Follow the online training that prepares you for the online exam. The EU Drone License consists of two certificates: the Basic Certificate A1-A3 and the Additional Certificate A2. First you are going to take the A1-A3 course. You only need A2 if you want to fly in residential areas with a drone between 500 grams and 2 kilos.

As soon as you have passed your exam, you can request the certificate from the RDW. Congratulations: You are now a certified drone pilot!>

Order your training and receive:

  • Free reference book
  • €15,- discount on liability insurance
  • Affordable flight lessons
  • Excellent customer service
  • Unlimited free exams
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  • What's the exam about?

    The Basic Certificate A1-A3 exam consists of 40 multiple choice questions. For the Additional Certificate A2 exam you make 30 multiple choice questions. You can choose to take the exam online or on location with pen and paper.

  • Is it possible to retake an exam?

    As soon as you start the training, the subscription period of 30 days begins. Within this subscription period it is possible to retake the exam indefinitely for free. This applies to both the Basic Certificate A1-A3 and the Additional Certificate A2.

  • How does the application for the license work?

    After having successfully passed your exam, you can digitally apply for the EU Drone License at the RDW. They issue a digital certificate (pdf document),

  • Do I still have to register myself as a drone pilot?

    Yes, this is mandatory for drones from 250 grams or lighter drones with a camera. You can register at the RDW. You pay 23 euros fee for the first time. After that you have to annually extend your number for 13 euros.

  • Is third-party liability insurance mandatory for my device?

    We recommend that you have insurance for your drone. However, it is only mandatory for unmanned aircraft from 20 kilos.